Want List

If you want to trade with me, you can email me at buckeyestatecards@gmail.com or simply leave a comment here.

* Pending cards marked in Red



2010 Topps Turkey Reds: (Need)






2009 Allen & Ginter

Code Cards: (Have) 99,135,167,185,193,198,215,221,296

Highlight Sketches: (Need) 6,7,8,9,14,15,16,17,18,23

Regular Back Mini’s: (Need) 1,6,11,15,27,28,34,40,43,60,61,63,67,71,76,88,93,





Ad Back Mini’s: (Have) 15,17,18,26,40,44,45,51,59,62,64,71,89,91,102,109,113,119,124,126,137,155,161,172,174,


Black Border Mini’s: (Have) 6,22,36,50,67,82,101,112,117,118,160,176,186,191,194,217,


Creatures Minis: (Have) 9,11,12

Hoaxes Mini’s: (Have) 1,4,6,8,10,15,16

National Heroes Mini’s: (Have) 9,12,16,23,24,27,29,30,34,35,37,39

No Numbered Mini’s: (Have) Joey Votto, Bobby Parnell

When it comes to relics, I’m only trading for cards with swatches that are colored or contain a pin-stripe. No plain white jerseys for me.

Relics: (Have)  Chase Utley,Walton Glenn Eller,Vernon Wells, Bryan Berg (Playing Card Relic)

C.C Sabathia,Miguel Cabrera,Fred Lewis (Bat), Joe Mauer, Jim Thome (Bat),

Matt Holliday, Dontrelle Willis,Yunel Escobar, Nate McLouth, Cameron Maybin (Bat), Ryan Ludwick,

Burke Kenny (DNA Relic), Mike Metzger, Mark Teixeira, Justin Upton, Blake DeWitt (Bat)   

Autographs: (Have) Brock Yates, Yuto Miyazawa, Denard Span, Alexei Casilla, Max Scherzer,

Ervin Santana, Conor Jackson, Cameron Maybin



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