Video of the Week

There’s plenty of card videos out there.. There’s bound to be some good ones, ehh?

Part 1:

Part 2:

 I don’t have a whole lot to say about these, they are pretty self-explanatory. It is this guy, KCcollectibles on youtube, showing off his childhood collection. These guys used to always post box breaks & such, but there hasn’t been a card video from them in over a year. It takes a while to get through both videos, but if you have the time.. It’s well worth it to take a look.

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Baseball Card Organization 101 (Before & After Pictures!)

One of the gals over at A Cardboard Problem used to refer to themself as “Covered in Wrappers”, well I’m covered in doubles. Well was covered in doubles. I have all these cards that I have no use for, becuase I have another (or 5 other copies) copy of the exact card squared away somewhere in a binder with the rest of that set. They’re just waiting to be traded. I wasn’t just going to throw them away, surely I could find someone that needed these. With this lack of organization, you end up with stacks of cards here.. some there.. and it began to get overwhelming.  You couldn’t get away from them.

Then 5,000 count boxes came into my life.

Here is what we’re looking at before I pick up these 5,000 count boxes.

And you have to realize that this is an organized before picture.. I got all the cards together on this shelf to show how many cards were going into these things. Before getting them all moved to the shelf, there were stacks sitting on the desk, stacks on dressers, stacks on night stands.. you get the point. To put things into perspective, the taller stacks on top have 400-ish cards in them.

Most of these stacks were collated and ready to be packed away, so that made for a pretty easy transition from shelf to box..

This is just the baseball box, the football & basketball box has around three of the five rows occupied. All nicely packed away, and I get a clean shelf!

As you can see by this picutre, I have the cards separated by set with a notecard stuck in between sets to identify the different grouping of cards. Now all of the different stacks are stowed away in this single box. This makes me feel a whole lot better about the entire collection, having it under control.

After the success with these, I might even attempt to move my junk wax era cards into one of these. I do have one of these boxes just sitting there with nothing in it.. Hmmm..

Moral of the story: 5,000 count boxes are your friend.

This project has got me motivated to trade these cards away, as this is just temporary storage before I can find someone that actually has a need for these. If you need help completing a set from the past couple years, please check out my trade list. I’ll be updating it this weekend with what it didn’t already include.

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Really, ESPN? Really?!

I flip to ESPN to catch some of the ESPY’s coutdown for some sports and what is the first thing I see? Justin Bieber handing out tickets.


Freaking wow.

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Why 246..?

I was browsing ebay and came across this card..

Chad Billingsley Sweet Spot autograph #/246. But why 246? Did Upper Deck give him 250 to sign, he was nearing the end.. Got frustrated and threw the last four at the UD representative? Maybe Chad let them sit out over night and a rat chewed up some of them. Or maybe Upper Deck just really likes the number 246. The world will never know..

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Catching Up

I thought for sure I could come up with a more witty, attention grabbing title.. Apparently not.

Well, I’m back from vacation and the whole mobile posting thing failed. Oh well, it was only going to be a couple posts so you’re not missing out on much. Like I mentioned earlier, I stopped at a card shop I make sure to visit once a year. Usually when I make this visit, I end up spending a couple hundred dollars on wax. This time was different. I walked around, glancing at some singles.. Gradually making my way to the wall lined with unopened boxes. Nothing really jumped out at me. Hobby boxes & jumbo boxes of 2011 Topps Series two, a couple boxes of 2011 Heritage, a stack of 2011 Bowman jumbos. Plenty of older stuff too, Topps Flagship products all the way back to ’02, two boxes of ’06 Fleer Ultra, some older Upper Deck.

At this point, I would usually talk myself into getting a couple boxes. This year was different. I don’t know if it has been my realization of how much farther your money can go on singles through sites like ebay or different forums, but I couldn’t bring myself to drop 190 dollars on a jumbo box of Bowman. I contemplated a jumbo of Topps series 2, but I told myself at the beginning of the year I would wait until the boxset released and just buy the base set all at once instead of chasing the set all year long.

I thought long & hard on that box of Bowman, but I convinced myself a $190 Harper lottery ticket wasn’t worth it to me. I ended up leaving the shop with three 5,000 count boxes and a 180 point magnetic screw-down for my Nolan Ryan sweet spot.

A couple days after this, I needed to pick up a few things at Wal-Mart and was really feeling the need to open some packs after containing myself from splurging at the card shop. The Heritage gravity feed must have just been restocked because it was totally full. I grabbed four packs off of the top.

Here’s what those four packs yielded:

Pack 1:

Babe Chrome Refractor

BABEFRACTOR! This bad boy is numbered 22/562. It says on the back of the card that when the Babe first started playing baseball, his contract was for $600 a year. In 2009, Alex Rodriguez made 33 million dollars, a sum that equals out to a little over $74,000 per at bat.

Packs 2 and 3:

Don’t ya think Mickey Mantle and Prince Fielder are an odd pairing? It even states on the card ” Mantle and Fielder are dissimilar types of hitters”.. Weird choice, Topps. Weird choice. Oh, the Stubbs is an SP, by the way.

At this point, I was totally happy with my purchase.. Then we had pack 4.

Rickie Weeks Neftali Feliz Heritage Stamp

Rickie Weeks/Neftali Feliz stamp card #42/62. These stamp cards are 1:211 packs. I’ve gotta knack for pulling Rickie Weeks, who is tearing apart the Reds as I write this.

Everything shown is for trade. I’ve got a project in the works, which will be the main point of my next post. Hopefully..

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A Pick-Up and an Announcement

The pick up:

Rich Hill Autograph

Rich Hill A&G autograph. Yes, I know it is Rich Hill.. But I got it for $4 shipped and it puts me another card closer to the set. I realized that I have been picking up all of the cheapos outta this set lately. This project is going to demand a little more financial input when I get around to picking up the Troy Tulowitzki’s and Evan Longoria’s of this set that go for 5 or 6 times what Rich Hill cost me.

The announcement:

I will be leaving for vacation tomorrow morning and won’t be returning until next Sunday afternoon. What does this mean to you? Two things. One, there will be noticeably fewer posts over the next week. I’m going to try to get a couple written up in advance so I can just hit the publish button and provide some content while on vacation. Two, I’ll be making a stop at a really cool card shop that I make sure to stop at every year. The owner has a huge inventory and a really nice store front. The way a card shop should be. I’m sure I’ll have a nice write-up about that when I get back.

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Dealing With The Dimwit

I am an idiot. Samuel from The Daily Dimwit commented on my post about my 2011 Bomwan purchases, saying he wanted to trade for my Brett Wallace green border. That snow balled into a much larger trade. After some negotiation, I shipped out a relatively large package for him. A couple days pass.. I go to look at my stack of 2011 Bowman, and the Wallace card is sitting right on top. I included everything in the package except for the very card that caught Samuel’s eye. Gahhhh! I feel like it’s one of those trips to the grocery store where you’ve got one thing you need to pick up, and you get everything but that one thing.

Oh well, I’m sure it won’t be the last time I mess up a trade package. He was understanding, and I’ll have that card shipped out here shortly.

Here’s what I got outta the deal:

Joe Mauer Jersey

Another card towards my ’09 A&G relic set. I’ve been wanting to pick this card up for a while, but it sells surprisingly well for being just a jersey card. I think this is the only 2 color A&G relic I have that one of the colors isn’t white. Yay colors!

Barry Larkin Jersey

Another framed relic! Something I noticed scanning these cards one after another is that the Gypsy Queen border is larger than the A&G border. I kinda like these better. The mini doesn’t have any room to shake around or go crooked like the cards from Allen & Ginter. Once I get the Frank Robinson jersey to match this card, I’ll prolly be done with Gypsy Queen. I have very little interest in the more recent releases as of right now.

He sent me some 30+ minis I needed, including this black border of Pat Neshek. I figured I’d show off this one since Neshek is a card collector himself. Topps really nailed it with the black bordered cards in this set, adding the little details to the border do so much for these cards. Before ’09, black border cards had just a plain black border around the edges. Little things like this are the reason I love this set.

The Dimwit sent me 9 or 10 cards off of my Turkey Red wantlist. Five, count ’em.. Five of which were Hall of Famers.

Thanks again!


And on another, totally un-related note a fellow Reds fan has started a new blog called Reds Card Collector. Go & take a look around his site!

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