I’m not really going for the traditional baseball card blog feel here, I’ve just created this site as more of a headquarters for all of my trading. 

One of my collecting friends and I tried our hand at a blog a couple years ago over at a blog called ‘Will Work For Cards’ and kept with it for a couple of months and then just let it go. We never really found our niche in the blogosphere more than just another so-so sports card blog with no true focus or direction, so we just scrapped the site all together.

Although I have stopped blogging since that original blog I have always kept up in the card collecting community. Occasionally commenting on the blogs I read, getting actively involved in trading through forums I’m a member of (Blowoutcards, SCF, Collector’s Universe, and Freedom Card Board; alias: BuckeyeState on all of those boards) and now dabbling into Ebay.

I’m hoping that authoring this site will bring me into a whole new realm of the collecting world.

Well, that’s all I got. Thanks for the read.

  1. Mike Von Krusze
    July 26, 2011 at 10:34 am

    I’ve been collecting for many years and have had no direction as to what I should specialize in. Finally, I have decided to go with just baseball my true love of sports. I have many years of basketball and football superstars, stars and commons that need a new home. e-bay is an easy alternative, but I’d rather trade for something I’m looking to complete. If you are interested in what I might have let me know at nygirl28@yahoo.com.

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