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The random picture of the box is there because I got a huge mini package from Duane over at Democratic Roadkill yesterday and I don’t have a picture of the actual box of cards he sent, so you get the random googe pulled image. And yes, I said huge mini package. Duane sent me a box full of Allen & Ginter minis. I pulled them all out of the box, stacked them up.. And the stack was a couple inches tall. The leaning tower of minis! Well, minus the leaning part. That’ll get a review in a few days,

The dang is because I have to leave town until Monday morning. In other words, posts are going to slow down for the next couple days. I feel like every time I get on a roll with posts, and start to retain a steady viewing base, something happens to diminish that and I have to work to build it back up. Oh well, we’ll get there someday.

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