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Video of the (Last?) Week

I mentioned in my last post how I was kinda in a bad stage with posting, I got out of that funk.. But apparently my internet thought otherwise. I tried to get onto wordpress to post on Saturday and nothing was loading. I couldn’t get anything. Then I tried again later and could actually get the page to load, but not fully so still no posts. Oh, and just to clarify, this was the same deal with every other site I tried too. Not just wordpress.

It had been doing that for the last three days. It was still doing that this morning. I had given up. I was just going to call up the company and hope they could fix it. Then I tried one last time (20 minutes ago) and everything was working just fine. The electronics in this house seem to have a mind of their own.

Anywho, I posted a video of the week last Sunday hoping to start a weekly series and I wasn’t able to do that this Sunday that just passed due to the internet problems. So let’s just all pretend it’s Sunday, and here is your video of the week.

I figured I would make up for my lateness with a dandy of a video. We’re pulling out all the stops this week, folks. Get a dream collection in your mind and then watch this. This guy has all the big name cards. HOF rookies, high value modern cards.. He has it all. So sit back & enjoy one of the most impressive collections I have ever seen.


And on a side note, while my internet wasn’t cooperating, my blog passed 1,000 views. WOOOOOOO! We’re getting there. Little milestones like these are rewarding in the long haul of blogging.

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