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Dealing With The Dimwit

I am an idiot. Samuel from The Daily Dimwit commented on my post about my 2011 Bomwan purchases, saying he wanted to trade for my Brett Wallace green border. That snow balled into a much larger trade. After some negotiation, I shipped out a relatively large package for him. A couple days pass.. I go to look at my stack of 2011 Bowman, and the Wallace card is sitting right on top. I included everything in the package except for the very card that caught Samuel’s eye. Gahhhh! I feel like it’s one of those trips to the grocery store where you’ve got one thing you need to pick up, and you get everything but that one thing.

Oh well, I’m sure it won’t be the last time I mess up a trade package. He was understanding, and I’ll have that card shipped out here shortly.

Here’s what I got outta the deal:

Joe Mauer Jersey

Another card towards my ’09 A&G relic set. I’ve been wanting to pick this card up for a while, but it sells surprisingly well for being just a jersey card. I think this is the only 2 color A&G relic I have that one of the colors isn’t white. Yay colors!

Barry Larkin Jersey

Another framed relic! Something I noticed scanning these cards one after another is that the Gypsy Queen border is larger than the A&G border. I kinda like these better. The mini doesn’t have any room to shake around or go crooked like the cards from Allen & Ginter. Once I get the Frank Robinson jersey to match this card, I’ll prolly be done with Gypsy Queen. I have very little interest in the more recent releases as of right now.

He sent me some 30+ minis I needed, including this black border of Pat Neshek. I figured I’d show off this one since Neshek is a card collector himself. Topps really nailed it with the black bordered cards in this set, adding the little details to the border do so much for these cards. Before ’09, black border cards had just a plain black border around the edges. Little things like this are the reason I love this set.

The Dimwit sent me 9 or 10 cards off of my Turkey Red wantlist. Five, count ’em.. Five of which were Hall of Famers.

Thanks again!


And on another, totally un-related note a fellow Reds fan has started a new blog called Reds Card Collector. Go & take a look around his site!

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