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Vintage Set Considerations

I’ve been seriously thinking about going after a vintage set. Ya know, add a little value to my collection. I have no plan on selling it, but it’s nice to know what you collect is actually worth something. Most of what I, and the majority of collectors today, go after are the newly released products. These sets are totally fine, but the problem is nearly all cards from these sets decrease in value over time unless they are some HOF auto or chase card. I would say rookies too, but the days of valuable base rookies are long gone.

The cards that seem to hold the value, or even increase in value over time are vintage. My problem with going after a vintage set is that I don’t have the money to pour into an entire pre-70’s Topps base set in respectable condition. I’d need something with a noticeably smaller amount of cards in the set. Something that would be a “beginner’s vintage set” of sorts.

When I think of the specifics I would want in a set, the first set that comes to mind is 1962 Post. At first look, this set seems pretty doable.. Only a 200 card set (a couple cards more than that if you count all the different variations) with it being possible to pick up each card for a couple bucks a piece.

Then when I do a little closer research, the perfectionist in me kicks in. The cards that you can pick up for very little usually look like this (as things are with the typical vintage set):

*image yanked from eBay. I would much rather slowly build a set out of cards like these:

than quickly be able to put together a set of mangled cards like the one shown earlier.

I don’t know, maybe I’ll just keep looking. Maybe I’ll just pick up a couple cards from different sets that I like here & there and not go after an entire set for a while.

Any suggestions?

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  1. June 27, 2011 at 5:35 pm

    Not a suggestion, just a reflection. I’ve been thinking of doing the same as I have been falling in love with the vintage sets all over again. But like you, I don’t have the money to pour into it. I do love the vintage, but also like you, I don’t like them to be in horrible condition. I don’t expect mint and I can deal with rounded corners, maybe some small creases. But I don’t like it when it looks like it’s barely survived. I look forward to what you decide, maybe your decision will help me decide if I want to try or not.

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