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Flipping Cards

Time is everything when attempting to “flip” a card. If you’re going to get the highest dollar amount out of a card, you need to sell at the peak of a player’s hype. Don’t get me wrong, I use baseball cards as a hobby and not a source of a little extra income.. But I think all of us, once given the opportunity to make some more disposable income to put towards other cards, would be all over it.

Last year, at the height of Strasburg’s height I sold a base ’09 Upper Deck Strasburg USA card for $35. If you’re patient, you can come across Griffey autographs for that. I didn’t buy a Griffey auto with that money, but it was put to good use with my ’09 Allen & Ginter PC. This same Strasburg card now sells for around $5, a swing of 30 bucks is pretty big when it comes to a single card’s sell value.

With the Dallas Mavericks winning the NBA Finals, I thought maybe I could make a little bit of money off of this card:

Dirk Nowitzki Dual Jersey

I know it’s just a simple dual jersey card, but hype can do crazy things to the value of a card.. so I go over to eBay, check the completed listings and most of them haven’t sold for more than a couple dollars. Oh well, I guess some cards don’t have a whole lot of wiggle room with value when they’re a low value card to start out with.

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