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A Bump In the Road

While doing some research to dig up some information on Ollie Cline, I ran into a bit of a disheartening fact. I was looking through Ollie’s teammates, going from name to name on the old rosters, with the intent of sending letters to the ones who I could find contact information for. I was going to write to them and simply ask them if they have any memories or stories about Ollie, or just some comments about playing pro football in that day & age. A problem arose when looking up these former proffesional football players. There are very few of them that are still alive. 

I guess this is inevitable, but is still a depressing fact. Luckily, I have found a couple players, most of whom were rookies in the years Ollie was with any given team, that are retired and still around who I have been able to find addresses for. The only bad part about finding contact information is you run into companies trying to scam you out of money for “celebrity information.” Most of the players were pretty easy to find through whitepages.com, but there was one of Ollie’s former teammates with Ohio State and the Lions who wasn’t listed on white pages and adding to the difficulty, he has a son with the same name. So as of right now, still working on that one, but things are hopeful. Ideally, I should be sending these letters out sometime in the near future. I’ll keep you posted.

And after such a somber blog post, I leave you with..



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