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Talk About Collation

No, not the way you physically sort out cards in a set, but the way a set looks once it is collated. Nearly all Upper Deck sets are organized by team in alphabetical order. Exhibit A:

In the 2009 Upper Deck set the Chicago White Sox are numbers 77-93 and the Reds are 94-104. So when you put the set into binders you get pages full of a single team or two different teams.

Then on the other hand, there is Topps. Topps has the cards in a set arranged in no specific order, so this is what a set looks like in a binder:

A mix of different teams and players.

In my opinion, Topps sets look a lot better in binders. They’re just a lot more visually appealing, but the way Upper Deck sets are collated come in handy with doubles. When you have your Upper Deck doubles sorted, it makes things easier for trading. You have cards sorted by number for set collectors and by team for team collectors.

Do you have a preference?

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