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Heartbreakingly Wicked or Wickedly Heartbreaking?

I think it’s pretty obvious by the title that I’ve had a couple recent trades with Matt F. of Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius and WickedOrtega of My Past Time.. I Love It!

Wicked contacted me saying he had some stuff I’d be interested in, which I was, so the pursuit to find something for him began. He liked my National Chicle short prints, so after sending out a handful of those SP’s, I got these bad boys in return:

George Foster Bat

I love this card. Beautifully designed bat relic of an all-time great Reds player. Upper Deck knocked it outta the park with this card in my opinion. Nailed the aesthetics on this one.

Cameron Maybin Bat

Yet another card closer to an ’09 A&G master set. I have no idea how many cards are in this set, and quite frankly I really don’t want to know right now. I know I’m not close to finishing it off, and it kinda feels like filling an endless hole at the moment.. Oh well, we’ll get there sooner or later.

That’s it for the trade with Wicked, now onto a trade with quite a few more components than the last. These are the cards from Matt F., I sent him a couple relic cards of his teams and in return he was able to totally finish off my ’09 Allen & Ginter base set. That was big for me. I have been working on this set for a while and it became a joke of sorts that I had busted so much of it and was still not able to finish off the base set. For a while, it was looking like I might finish the regular back mini set before I finished the plain ol’ base set.

Matt also sent me 29 cards off of my Turkey Reds want list. Let me re-emphasize that, TWENTY NINE TURKEY REDS. This moved me a ton closer to completion on this set, still a ways to go, but nevertheless a lot closer. Here are a few of my favorites:

Turkey Reds

I like the Phillips not only because he plays for my favorite team, but because the red on his jersey really pops on the mostly brown canvas. The Ryan Doumit is nice because most of the Turkey Reds are just a standard posed shot, whereas with the Doumit you get a little bit of an action shot. And then you can’t go wrong with two HOFer’s in Aparicio & Foxx.

Jim Thome Bat

Lastly, Matt was able to get me one card closer in my ongoing Allen & Ginter pursuit.

My want list thanks you both.

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