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Chipping Away

I was looking around on Ebay the other day and typed “09 Ginter” into the search engine. And to my luck, A Conor Jackson auto was ending in less than 1 minute with no bids and a .99 cent starting price. Threw up a $1 bid and got it. Looked a little farther down the list, and here is an Ervin Santana auto with 2 bids and a price of .32 cents ending in 15 minutes. I had nothing but time to waste so I stuck around until the last minute or two, put in a $1.25 max bid and got it for .65 cents. After shipping, I got the two for a combined $6.40.

Conor Jackson Auto

You’ve got a pretty boring autograph, Conor. The seller charged me $2.99 for shipping, but when it arrived in the mail today it was in a plain white envelope with a .62 cent shipping sticker on it. The card wasn’t damaged or anything, but he got 2 stars on the shipping price on feedback from me because of it.

Ervin Santana has a much more interesting signature, ecspecially in comparison to Conor Jackson. A little sloppy, but it’s got some personality. You even get his jersey number on there.

Well, that’s two more cards closer to the set.

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