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Some Brainstorming..

I think everybody has some ideas on how to change the sports card industry for the better. An issue that has come up over and over again is how to “spice up” relic cards. The card companies have tried many times to come up with a new innovation to serve the same purpose relics did when they were first introduced. Apparently, video cards aren’t that next big thing.

Here’s an idea that popped into my head, granted it’s not something that is going to revive relic cards, but I think it could have some potential to be a pretty cool insert set. I got this idea from the Donruss Bat Rack cards.

My idea is to have a card, high quality glossy finish ala Topps Stadium Club or some of the Upper Deck flagship products with a nice looking action shot, preferably of the player in mid-swing or at least with a bat in the photo. Cut out the shape of the bat and use that as the relic window, I do not have photoshop or any known photo editing abilities so you’ll just have to use your imagination along with me.

One of the complaints about relics is that they get in the way of the photo, take away from the card. Well with my idea, the relic is a part of the image itself. In the Youkilis card above, instead of the image of the bat, you could cut that away and stick a piece of bat right in there. Want a bigger window for the relic? Distort it. It’s been done before, anybody remember Upper Deck Power Ups?

Obviously you would enlarge the bat and not the player’s head, but you get the idea.

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