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He Took His Talents to South Beach

Lebron’s hour long special on his “decision” made that quote famous. Almost to the point of cliche.

Around this time last year, the Ohio sports scene was buzzing. That was going to be the year Lebron & the Cavs finally brought home a championship. Or so it seemed. This year is a lot different, it sure has taken some getting used to to watching Lebron play in a uniform that isn’t a Cleveland Cavs jersey. I remember hearing all of the speculation of Lebron leaving Cleveland and thinking he would never leave.

Lebron’s departure was devastating to the entire city of Cleveland, not just the team. I haven’t seen any definite figures, but the economy had to have taken a huge hit. I can’t go hating Lebron too much for going to Miami, though. I mean, he did take a team that had the reputation of this:

to a franchise that was at the top of the sports world:

What I didn’t understand were the people that thought they were accomplishing something by acting belligerent and burning Lebron items after his announcement that he was leaving. Don’t get me wrong, it sucks Cleveland is Lebron-less, but immaturity and stupidity isn’t going to change anything. Life goes on.

I guess we Ohio sports fan will just have to cherish the time that we had with a winning sports team. Many memories, for any sports fan, can be had through cards. A couple years ago, I was collecting everything I could get my hands on. I was collecting all three main sports and had a little sampling of everything. I was opening a hobby box of ’08-09 Upper Deck basketball and pulled this:

Lebron James jersey

It was a pleasant surprise to pull a card of someone that I heavily followed. I never seem to have much luck when it comes to pulling cards of guys I actually collect.  Have any memorable experiences with pulling players you collect?

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