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BuckeyeState Collects…

I’ll start out by showing what I collect so anyone looking to trade has an idea of what I’m looking for, then I’ll start showcasing some of the things I’ve got for trade.

My collecting habits are very sporadic; I am a set collector in a sense but most of the time I just go about accumulating some of a set that I like the looks of, but not the entire set. I think part of the reason to this is that the “sets” I go for are usually game-used, autograph, or patch sets and therefore require a little more money and time to track down than your average base set. I don’t want to paint this picture that I’m some high-roller when it comes to collecting, I’m collecting a couple different base sets as well and my collection has quite a ways to go to be even put in the same category as some of you out there.

Here we go. My biggest collecting venture is definitely my attempt at a 2009 Allen & Ginter master set.

Burke Kenny DNA Relic

I got bit by the retro set bug in 2009 with A&G. I had always liked the look of Allen & Ginter and something just really did it in for me with this set. Whether it was the addition of the oil pastels to the backround, or the new color spash added to the framed relics/autographs, I loved it. I busted somewhere around 6 or 7 boxes of this stuff along with a healthy helping of retail packs & blasters. I decided I was going to go for it all, the different mini sets, the relics, the autographs, the box toppers, everything.

I think Beardy says it best..”when Topps gets it right, no one does it better” and in my mind this is a perfect example of that.  

Mike Metzger Relic

This set pretty well keeps me preoccupied. There are a TON of cards to track down..I’m closing in on the regular back mini set and have quite a few relics. Something I find fascinating is that I am still yet to complete the base set. I need 16 cards to finish it off, I would be forever grateful if somebody has the remaing cards I need. Okay, maybe not, but I would really appreciate it.

The next set up is 2010 Topps Turkey Red.

These are beautiful cards and I figured with only 150 cards in the set it shouldn’t be too hard to put together.

Here we have one of those sets I was talking about just picking these up when I get a chance and not really going for the entire set, 2010 National Chicle relics.

Nolan Ryan Jersey

The art in the set was very controversial, ecspecially around the blogosphere (Chipper Ruth, anyone?) but I, for one, thought this set was one of Topps nicer products of the year. The relic checklist is pretty solid; it has a nice mix of veterans and retired stars. I guess that is one of the reasons I won’t be going for the entire set, seeing the Mantle going for upwards of $100 is a little discouraging. Maybe some day..

I guess my favorite baseball team could be implied by the title of the blog. That’s right, I collect the Cincinnati Reds..no, not the Indians

Frank Robinson TTT Booklet #/18

This card is incoming, so technically it isn’t mine yet but it should be here by the end of the week. With such a rich history, I think it’s just a given to collect the all-time greats. And with the Reds new young talent it really spices up collecting the modern day guys. In fact, one of my most wanted cards at the moment is a 2010 Topps Chrome Drew Stubbs auto.

Space Ship relics. How freakin’ awesome does that sound?Space Shuttle Relic

Being the history nut that I am, American Heritage is such a cool set. These cards may be the coolest thing they have ever done. I pulled this one from a hobby box and I want more! Just the thought that that little shiney piece of metal has been in space is pretty crazy.

I’ve picked up a couple of these 2008 UD Premier dual patch cards recently.

Johan Santana patch #/57

These cards just have a really clean, crisp look to them and the appeal of the patch really puts it over the top for me.

I think this collecting habit is the same among all collectors: Hall of fame players.

BuckeyeState's Profile Picture

I think we all have that thing for the best of the best. I’ve been looking to add a couple nicer pieces to my collection. I’ve been outbid in the final seconds of an auction for a Griffey auto plenty of times, and just the other day on a Steve Carlton auto. Oh well. As for this beaut, I pulled it out of a box of Sweet Spot back in 2009.


Chad Johnson gets a lot of criticism for his flambouyant personality, but that’s the exact thing that makes him a fan-favorite where I’m from.

Chad Johnson Patch #13/25

I don’t collect a whole lot of football, Chad Johnson is really the only exception along with some of the former Ohio State players with their NFL teams. I used to be real big into football in the past couple of years, but that has really died off so I have a lot of football trade bait if that’s your type of thing.

It looks like I have covered just about every corner of my collecting habits. If you’re looking to trade, I’ve got my tradelist and want list at the top of the page. I still need to organize things a little better..we’re slowly but surely getting there.

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